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This OM-GSMDS: Getting Started with MySQL Database Service course teaches you how to create a cloud service instance, connect to the service and create a database, connect to the service instance and transfer a local server database to the MySQL Cloud Service instance. Backup your database. Connect to the instance from MySQL Workbench and from an application. This course describes the use of MySQL Cloud Service to host a MySQL database.

MySQL Cloud Service provides numerous benefits over an on-premise database. It is easy to create a cloud instance, with flexible options for computing power, memory, and storage. GUI tools are available for backup and restore as well as patching and rolling back. After completing this course, you can take advantage of those benefits to use MySQL Cloud Service to its best advantage.

Skills Covered

  • Create a new MySQL Cloud Service instance
  • Connect to a MySQL Cloud Service instance
  • Manage a database in MySQL Cloud Service
  • Migrate an on-premise database to the cloud
  • Monitor the instance and adjust use of resources

Who Should Attend

This course intended for DBAs, Cloud data management professionals, and consultants.

Course Curriculum


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