The Oracle Database 19c: Data Warehousing Techniques course teaches you the various Data Warehousing concepts and techniques related to data extraction, transformation, and loading phases. You will learn about the different changed data capture methods for data refresh, and how to define summary management and implement materialized views. You will also learn about the role of warehouse metadata along with the various data warehouse implementation considerations.

Skills Covered

  • Connect to ODI Master and Work Repositories
  • Define the Topology for source and target data warehouse system
  • Set Up an ODI Project
  • Create ODI Models and Reverse Engineer
  • Check Data Quality in the Model
  • Create an ODI Mapping: Simple Transformations
  • Create an ODI Mapping: Complex Transformations
  • Load Data from a Single Data Source
  • Load Data from Multiple Data Sources

Who Should Attend

  • Data warehouse developers
  • Data warehouse engineers
  • Data warehouse analysts
  • Data warehouses builders and administrators
  • Data warehouse implementation team members
  • Data warehouse developers

Course Curriculum


Required Prerequisite Skills:  Basic knowledge of data warehouse concepts and related terminology. Relational database concepts and Oracle server concepts including application and server tuning, and the operating system environment under which you are running the Oracle Database Server. Good working knowledge of the SQL language.

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