This in-depth training explains working with BA (Business Architecture) projects. The course demonstrates designing the forms, data definitions and rules.

The course includes delivering the training of modeling, implementing, playing and deploying the business processes, creating BPM Studio or Business Process Composer, measuring process-specific and standard both types of business indicators using BAM, and throwing up warnings in conditions that are abnormal.

Skills Covered

Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:-

  • Model the business architecture projects and execute reports
  • Identify the performance indicators in the BA reports
  • Use Oracle Business Process Workspace for process workload and performance analysis
  • Explain the life cycle of BPM and various BPM Suite components
  • Use Oracle Business Process Composer and BPM Studio for process models and artifacts creation
  • Exception handling
  • Model and apply the business rules, user tasks and service tasks
  • Set up the process analysis to cater the metrics for custom as well as standard processes
  • Real-time dashboard creations using BAM

Who Should Attend


Course Curriculum


  • Experience as a Business Analyst is highly recommended

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