This GCP: GCSO: Understanding Google Cloud Security and Operations course examines cost management, security, and operations in the cloud. First, it explores how businesses can choose to maintain some or none of their own infrastructure by purchasing IT services from a cloud provider. Next, it explains how the responsibility of data security is shared between the cloud provider and the business, and explores the defense-in-depth security built into Google Cloud.

Finally, it covers how IT teams and business leaders need to rethink IT resource management in the cloud and how Google Cloud resource monitoring tools can help them to maintain control and visibility over their cloud environment.

This is the fourth and final course in the Cloud Digital Leader series.

Skills Covered

  • Describe financial governance in the cloud and Google Cloud’s recommended best practices for effective cloud cost management.
  • Define a shared responsibility model for optimal cloud security.
  • Explain how IT teams and business leaders can use principles from DevOps and SRE to increase cloud operational efficiency.
  • Identify Google Cloud solutions for cloud resource monitoring and application performance management.

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There are no pre-requisites required to attend this course.

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