This three-day FDTBF: Fintech and Digital Transformation in Banking and Finance course aims to provide finance professionals with a solid foundation in the rapidly changing world of fintech and digital banking. FinTech, short for financial technology, refers to an emerging financial services sector that is fast becoming indispensable to financial institutions and is constantly impacting the way we view and execute financial transactions.

This course will be pivotal in helping participants grasp the basics of fintech, navigate the mechanisms that facilitate it and comprehend the inevitably complex issues and intricacies that it brings.

Benefits of the workshop are:

  • Understand the technologies that are impacting the economy, especially banking
  • Theoretical understanding of artificial intelligence (AI), the blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) within FinTech
  • Broad applications grasp of technical/process solution to existing pain points
  • Develop business use case to develop/improve a new/existing product
  • Develop a competitive corporate strategy through innovative thinking
  • Significantly reduce business costs and improve efficiencies

Skills Covered

  • Understand and Apply AI, Blockchain and IoT Concepts in FinTech
  • Analyze information to clearly overcome
  • problems in banking
  • Understand and Apply Use Cases to generate new ideas and solutions Understand the trends towards digital disruption and innovation
  • Think progressively and pursue digital transformation
  • Create a plan for implementing, evaluating and following up on ideas

Who Should Attend

The target audience for this course and qualification are:

  • Individuals interested in the current disruptive trends and keeping abreast of technology shifts and their specific use cases
  • Banks, corporations and financial institutions to enable them to remain competitive through understanding innovative new technology that is disrupting every sector of the economy
  • Directors, Economists, Program Managers, Finance Professionals, Technologists

Course Curriculum


There are no prerequisites to attending the Fintech & Digital Transformation in Banking course

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