In just two days, you’ll learn how to take control of your time and work day so you can increase productivity, maximize your selling effectiveness and meet your goals. You’ll adopt an organized approach to managing your responsibilities. Prioritize activities and accounts to increase revenue.

Identify time management roadblocks by participating in exercises and creating a plan to shore up counterproductive behaviors and habits. You’ll return to work with a more confident outlook, strategies to improve the balance between personal and professional responsibilities and the skills to mine your territory for maximum gain.

Skills Covered

  • Understand Your Personal Time and Territory Management Practices and How They Affect Your Performance
  • Analyze How You Actually Spend Your Time Compared to Your Current Perceptions
  • Recognize and Eliminate Activities and Practices That Waste Time and Create Frustration
  • Develop a Personal Time Management System to Fit Your Business and Your Personality
  • Set Goals, Establish Priorities and Recognize Your Personal Productivity Capacity
  • Identify and Prioritize the Right Prospects for Your Products or Services
  • Organize Your Territory to Focus Your Activities on the Most Important Accounts
  • Prepare a Business Target for Each Account That Will Produce Results
  • Use Electronic Information Effectively and Process Paperwork Efficiently
  • Manage Stress and Establish a Plan to Create a Productive Balance in Your Life

Who Should Attend

Sales representatives, account executives, sales managers and all sales staff with customer or sales territory management responsibilities.

Course Curriculum


While there are no pre-requisites for this sales training program, here are some of the benefits realize of this course :

  • Stretch your selling day and spend more time with your customers
  • Plan effectively and avoid losing sales to better organized competitors
  • Sell more, earn more and accomplish more through sales territory management
  • Set goals and priorities to maximize your selling effectiveness
  • Increase selling time by minimizing distractions and procrastination
  • Make more productive use of travel time
  • Strike a balance between personal and professional goals
  • Control your territory with strategies that help you value accounts, penetrate accounts and maximize coverage

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