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The solutions aren’t always found in “Management 101”—but in this AMA-2290: Managing The “Unmanageable” – Tough People, Tough Situation course, you’ll gain skills and tools for resolving situations and keeping problems from getting out of hand.

You’ll also work through your toughest situations with the help of guided role plays, exercises and skill practice sessions.

Skills Covered

  • Troubleshoot the Problem and Reframe It as a Challenging Opportunity
  • Separate Out What’s Critical from “Noise”
  • Uncover Best Practices for Resolving the Challenge
  • Manage to Reduce Risks (Legal, Retain Good Employees)
  • Manage Performance with Clarity, Frequent Feedback, Coaching, Consistency, and Fairness
  • Apply Progressive Discipline to Lay the Groundwork for Next Steps
  • Plan and Conduct Tough Conversations
  • Strategize a Solution to Resolve Your Unmanageable Challenge

Who Should Attend

Directors, managers, supervisors, team leaders and anyone who manages or directs others.

Course Curriculum


While there are no pre-requisites, here are some of the benefits realized of this course :
  • Motivate over-taxed and “burned out” employees
  • Effectively deal with employees in crisis and dysfunctional behaviours
  • Address multi-cultural and multi-generational conflict in the workplace
  • Prepare for a potentially confrontational conversation
  • Reset expectations and lay a solid go-forward plan
  • Protect yourself and your company by minimizing employment-related liability

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Course Modules