Based on the book AMA Business Boot Camp, edited by Edward T. Reilly, former President and CEO of AMA.

This virtually delivered course encompasses AMA’s years of trusted wisdom and training expertise, covering the most vital, time-tested management skills, tools and strategies. Your staff will complete the Golden Personality Type Profiler prior to class to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and others. As they work through each lesson, they’ll refer back to the results to pinpoint development opportunities so they can return to their job rejuvenated—better managers and communicators with renewed skills and confidence

Skills Covered

  • Master the essential business skills to succeed and thrive
  • Diagnose areas for development to quickly leap forward
  • Develop deeper self-awareness and insights into selves and others
  • Achieve astounding success with every project, every hiring and every delegation decision
  • Communicate with clarity and purpose to boost performance and productivity
  • Identify strategic opportunities and take actions to drive growth
  • Build power as a leader to energize teams and implement vision

Who Should Attend

All managers looking to jump start their careers or to reinvigorate their competence and skills in areas crucial to their success.

Course Curriculum



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Course Modules