The Oracle Linux System Administration II training is suitable for experienced administrators who wants to learn more advanced skills who will be working with Oracle Linux.

You will be learning ways of how to automate the installation process of the operating system, configure the advanced networking services and to work in greater depth with authentication solutions and various other internet services. You will be proficient at working with advanced storage solutions and implementing multiple directory and file sharing services.

Skills Covered

  • Equipped to use the advanced features of Oracle Linux 7 to get the most out of your systems and applications.
  • To automate Oracle Linux installations and implement networking and authentication services to facilitate the management of a large number of systems.
  • Usage of Kickstart with an HTTP server and PXE services to automate the installation of the operating system.
  • Discovering how to take advantage of XFS, which improves file system performance, and Btrfs with its data integrity, copy-on-write, and snapshot functionality.

Who Should Attend

  • Linux, Web, Cloud, System, Technical and Database Administrators.
  • System integrator
  • Data center manager
  • Application developers
  • Support engineers
  • System Analyst

Course Curriculum


  • Oracle Linux System Administration I

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