This course is a 2 day Instructor Led training which focuses on the advanced features in Identity Services Engine and Cisco Stealthwatch. Cisco ISE is now equipped with better dashboards that make it very easy to see the different kinds of endpoints, users, devices, and Operating Systems in the network and the ability to create customized dashboards. Cisco StealthWatch leverages the Network as a Sensor (NaaS) to deliver context-aware threat alerts and when integrated with NetFlow and ISE to monitor the network and detect suspicious network activity generated by users and devices on the network. Cisco ISE uses the Network as an Enforcer (NaaE) to dynamically enforce security policies with software-defined segmentation designed to reduce the overall attack surface, contain attacks by preventing the lateral movement of threats across the network, and minimize the time needed to isolate threats when detected. Stealthwatch with ISE integration can provide administrators context behind the IP address, including the user, device, and location.

Skills Covered

Under this course, you will learn to:

  • Configure Profiling
  • Understand Trustsec
  • Advanced Analytics and Threat Detection
  • TrustSec Security Groups
  • Client Posture Services and Provisioning

Who Should Attend

Network engineers, systems engineers, security engineers, design specialists, etc.

Course Curriculum


CCNA Security certified or equivalent knowledge

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