MBAs (Masters in Business Administration) have been the show stopping fad for the past decade. The MBA stood as a self-validating pre-requisite for anyone interested in going into management. But as we often do, as part of a crowd, we have lost sight of what the future needs. We have been creating shepherds when the world needs innovators. We have been creating managers when the world needs leaders.

The changing times have blown in the way to the new world. A revolutionary stance in business leadership, the “Certified Masters in Business Leadership” (cMBL) is the future of leadership certification. The cMBL is a carefully tailored curriculum that aims at sculpting leaders and innovators. It is the future yard stick that will be used to judge the skill of executives striving to bring about a change in this world.

Skills Covered

The role of a cMBL involves knowledge of every business element and every business operation. The roles of a cMBL are too vast to be listed as business deals with growing and dynamic markets every day. Some major roles are as follows:

  •  Business leadership and team management
  •  Day to day business operations oversight
  •  Business Innovation
  •  Research and development leadership
  •  Internal operations modernization
  •  Risk management
  •  Organizational behavior
  •  Ideation and innovation in business frameworks
  •  Accounting and Capital Expenditure
  •  Internal auditing oversight
  •  •Sustainability compliance
  •  Business expansion and administration
  •  Large deal negotiation and competitive edges
  •  Employee and department management
  •  IT and project management and supervision
  •  Data privacy and security
  •  Customer and partner relationships
  •  Product design and development
  •  Investment goals and strategies
  •  M&A
  •  Business reorganization
  •  Global supply chain management
  •  B2B and B2G relations
  •  Data based forecasting and research
  •  Dealing with lawsuits and general law enforcement within the organization and its operations
  •  Data collection strategies
  •  Data analysis policies
  •  Branding and incorporation
  •  SMO and SEO
  •  Quality and Change management


Who Should Attend

cMBL is open to anyone and there are no specific requirements for eligibility. The business leadership program is beneficial to the following individuals:

  • CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CTOs and CIOs
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Project leaders
  • Product developers and designers
  • Service developers and designers
  • Business consultants
  • Sales and marketing managers
  • Accounting and finance managers
  • Legal team and HR managers
  • Software Engineers & Architects
  • Application Architects
  • CTO, VP – Engineering, VP – Technologies
  • Security Professionals, Administrators
  • Govt. Officials
  • Professors, Researches and Students

Course Curriculum


There are no prerequisites to the cMBL certification. A basic understanding of business and economy should be enough, but the key is a thirst for innovation and unrelenting growth.

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