Develop browser based web/enterprise applications, write the business logic and deploy it in application server container and understand how javascript take cares system level services like concurrency, transaction, security, naming…etc You’ll go from beginner to extremely high-level with hands on projects customized to your need and become a proficient Java EE developer. Understand and use resource and dependency injections.

Skills Covered

  • Use Servlets and JSP – Understand and build web apps with Servlets and JSP
  • Use Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) – Understand and build robust EJB back end services
  • Use Java Persistence API (JPA) – Understand and use JPA to interact between applications and databases
  • Use REST Web Services (JAX-RS) – Expose REST web services that allow remote applications and JavaScript to interact with an application

Who Should Attend

  • Web developers
  • Developers

Course Curriculum


A basic understanding of any programming language

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