Realtime Compute offers a highly integrated platform for real-time data processing, which optimizes the computing of Apache Flink. With Realtime Compute, we are striving to deliver new solutions to help you upgrade your big data capabilities in your digital transformations.

In this course, learn how Alibaba Cloud Realtime Compute allows you to build effective, high speed, high throughput Flink pipelines on Alibaba Cloud. Learn hands-on with included labs, and see how Realtime Compute can be combined with processing tools including Kafka, DataHub, and DataV.

Skills Covered

  • See how Alibaba Cloud’s Realtime Compute enhances Flink and makes setting up Flink pipelines easier than ever
  • Learn how to create, configure, and monitor Flink workflows
  • Become familiar with Alibaba Cloud stream computing best practices
  • See how Flink integrates with other tools such as Kafka and DataV

Who Should Attend

Data Developers, Data analyst, Data scientist that are interested in Alibaba Cloud and Hadoop ecosystem.

Course Curriculum


There are no perquisites to attend this course. If you are new to Alibaba Cloud Big Data, please consider to attend the following course:

ACT82001: Alibaba Cloud Big Data Architecture

This Alibaba Cloud Big Data Architecture training course covers the big data solutions provided by Alibaba Cloud in order to deal with the challenges of enterprises in data management and digital transformation. The course will introduce the best practice of data integration, data development, data quality, data security, and data management, governance and data service in Alibaba Cloud.

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