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How & Why AWS Skill Builder Team Subscription Can Transform Your Team

Learn how the Skill Builder helps close cloud skill gaps, provides diverse training options, and fosters a culture of continuous learning, driving business transformation.

AWS Skill Builder Team Subscription E-Book

Everything you need to
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  • Comprehensive cloud training for your team
  • Access to over 600 courses and 1000 labs
  • 10 exclusive features including AWS Cloud Quest and Industry Quest

  • Administrator dashboard for progress tracking

  • Single sign-on (SSO) support for teams of 50+

  • Dedicated support for your organization’s growth

  • Tailored plans to meet your specific needs

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Here’s what the customers
have to say

Minoo Gupta

Senior Director Engineering Operations at Citrix

Minoo Gupta

“Our teams are able to immediately apply AWS knowledge in real-life scenarios because AWS Skill Builder Team Subscription allows us to deliver structured training to ensure the scale we need to train hundreds of people with minimum oversight and resources.”

Alex Gutfreund

Head of Product and Technology Integration at The BMW Group

Alex Gutfreund

“Skills training is critical to maximize the full benefits of the cloud.”

Rona Spiegel

Director of Cloud Governance & Operations at Cisco

Rona Spiegel

“The digital, self-paced training offered in AWS Skill Builder gives our employees what they need, when they need it, to beef up their toolboxes and skills to meet our customers’ needs.”

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Invest in your team today

Looking to equip your team with essential AWS cloud skills?
With AWS being the leading cloud platform, it’s vital for businesses to ensure their workforce is proficient in AWS technologies.

While other training programs may offer basic cloud knowledge, AWS Skill Builder Team Subscription goes beyond. With 600+ courses, 1000+ labs, and a list of exclusive features, your team will have access to comprehensive, role-specific training tailored to various industries and skill levels.

It’s essential to choose the right training program to empower your team’s success in the cloud. Understanding your team’s skill gaps, leveraging advanced AWS features, and tracking progress are crucial steps. AWS Skill Builder Team Subscription covers everything from foundational concepts to advanced topics, ensuring your team is well-equipped for the cloud journey.

Start your team’s journey to AWS proficiency today with AWS Skill Builder Team Subscription.
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